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Sat Dec 9 19:48:59 2023  
Merry Christmas
some unix humor

I found this on the internet one day while I was playing text games. Many thanks to "Donald" for writing this:
better !pout !cry
better watchout
lpr why
santa claus town

cat /etc/passwd >list
ncheck list
ncheck list
cat list | grep naughty >nogiftlist
cat list | grep nice >giftlist
santa claus town

who | grep sleeping
who | grep awake
who | egrep 'bad|good'
for (goodness sake) {
be good

"Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it." - Donald Knuth

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Thu Sep 26 19:31:03 2013
I was just talking to Jessie about all of this! I am so glad you're still going to stop in Charleston. Johnny's pttery stoked about it all you'll be in for a treat at the Glass Onion! Just don't trust anything that looks like pasta he will trick you into eating pig ear!Let me know if there is anything you need! I was looking to see where we could donate items but I couldn't find the page that originally existed!

Thu Sep 26 21:04:40 2013
That's a cunning answer to a chnlelaging question

Fri Sep 27 14:25:56 2013
The locals who live in the Puget Sound know never to trust the weehatr man. It's not his fault

Sat Sep 28 03:46:29 2013
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Mon Sep 30 00:44:22 2013
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