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Tuesday Oct. 17, 2006
Tuesday Oct. 17, 2006


US population hits record of 300,000,000. Myspace ruins my life. Listen to road noise as I go to work!

Tue Oct 17 17:16:15 2006 |permalink |comments(54)  
New Music!
finally a podcast


image/jpeg= text/html= Sorry no talking this time. I put together a little song. I only spent about an hour on it, so there's a lot of clean-up work to be done. Next time maybe I'll use some of it as an intro to an actual podcast with talking and such.

Mon Oct 16 13:00:19 2006 |permalink |comments(3)  
User Error
A great picture for all to see
User Error


My boss sent this to everybody. I have adopted it as my own. Generally it explains the whole problem.

Sat Oct 14 20:19:57 2006 |permalink |comments(59)  
new subtitle in database

I've just added a feature to the database. This will screw up the displaying Title for now, but one thing at a time. Hey programming is an artform not a science. Things can be beautiful even if they're "broken".

Sat Oct 14 19:19:56 2006 |permalink |comments(112)  

I thank god I didn't take that call. A C-O-W-O-R-K-E-R O-F M-I-N-E H-A-D T-O M-A-K-E A C-A-L-L B-Y S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G E-V-E-R-Y W-O-R-D. Needless to say, we all listened to it and laughed hysterically. Not that being illiterate is funny, far from that. I just want to know who sold that poor customer a computer if that customer was unable to read?

Sat Oct 14 18:56:49 2006 |permalink |comments(58)  
Thank You's
Thank You's


I just wanted to thank
Daily Source Code
for all the help they didn't know they gave me. I went tromping through their rss source code to make mine look nice and professional like theirs. Unfortunately I still have to write the functions and make the database handle information about media size and length, but thats nothing to do with the feed. For now, all the media looks like its over seven Megs and 0 minutes long.

Fri Oct 13 13:26:26 2006 |permalink |comments(111)  
Loading the player ...


This is a project that I got paid for. Its a promotion for a business camp for high school juniors in South Dakota,US.

Thu Oct 12 14:41:34 2006 |permalink |comments(60)  

Hi this is my first actual post with my new software. Yes I did write it myself. There's still a lot of room for improvement, and a lot to learn about rss and podcasting. For now though, I'm hoping that I can make the worlds coexist peacefully. Some of these posts will have media attached to them.(ie videos and audio files) others will just be text. If anyone would like to share tips on making multipurpose blogs, I'd be more than open to getting them.

Thu Oct 12 14:38:01 2006 |permalink |comments(123)  

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