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Sun Feb 25 23:38:17 2024  

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Comfirmed Kill #1
Range: 150 yds

Pennington Co. SD 3N17E NE1/4SW1/4 Sec 19 TOD:0932 Temp:1 deg. C Wind: SE 15 mph.

Mon Feb 23 11:44:30 2009 |permalink |comments(65)  
Election Results
The race card is gone... I hope.

So now that we have a black president elect, I would like to see the race card go away. It has been proven that in this country, the color of a persons skin does not preclude them from anything. No longer should someone be able to claim that they are poor and oppressed because they are black. Blacks and whites have been on the same level for a long time now, but now that we have proof, I'd like to see the race card go away. I wouldn't bet on Obama doing that, in fact, I'd bet that he'll do the opposite. My two cents.

Wed Nov 5 09:17:54 2008 |permalink |comments(53)  
Blazing Chickens
....and other childrens tails (?)

I want to do a documentary about something stupid. (like all documentaries) just because I love move-making. Maybe I could do it about how starting a business doesn't require and abilities except BSing and how the most important thing you can do is get rid of lazy people. On that note, business is up, and I might start making money. We've done some work on the ASA Boltz softball team site, and now were doing a little bit for the District 6 of the SD EMT Association Look for our ad in the SDEMTA Conference booklet! We've also started installing VoIP systems for small businesses. This looks to be a really good deal for them, so we hope it catches on with these little guys to keep them competitive. Other than that......nothing really. The End.

Fri Aug 31 22:04:57 2007 |permalink |comments(106)  
La Poste
okay, so I lied, this has nothing to do with the mail

Eh, bien. Je ne sais pas trop. S'il vous plait, m'aide de apprendre Francais meilleur. J'ai pris les classes des francais en l'ecole, mais j'ai oublis beaucoup. Peut'etre je peux aussi t'aide de apprendre anglais meilleur.

Mon May 21 23:45:09 2007 |permalink |comments(58)  
New Shit for Ya'll
everybody's a fucker

Basically, I don't blog well, Duh! Rindi and I are buying our own home now, and we're having a blast. I've got great business prospects, except for two lazy fuckers that wound up as my business partners. (Yes you duane/dan) Life pisses me off at the moment, but when school is over for this semester, I will have a lot more time for me and getting everyone elses shit together.

Thu Apr 26 00:05:09 2007 |permalink |comments(54)  
It's been a while
since I last blogged

For those poor souls on iTunes only, like there are any! They still won't hear from me. For the rest of you, I've been working on setting up a mesh wireless network in my new home. I've accomplished this by means of WDS, a system implemented by linksys and apple devices, and supposedly supported by some new dlink products. I plan on creating a How-To detailing the process. I will let you know when thats done.

Mon Oct 30 14:28:23 2006 |permalink |comments(110)  
The news I've been waiting for


it appears that the NFL will now play a limited number of games in countries outside the US. These countries may include Mexico, Canada, England, or Germany. For full details please see

Wed Oct 25 14:44:49 2006 |permalink |comments(114)  
Happy Hump Day
My face isn't squished
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A full-blown house tour. Perl caught a MySpace Creep I've decided that I'm going to try to opensource that program to make it more available.

Wed Oct 25 12:30:13 2006 |permalink |comments(112)  
Monday Oct. 23, 2006
Now a real video of mostly nothing
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Well, nothing new here. I say hi. There's a few good clips of me stammering and saying ummmm. I do give a mini-tour of my new basement. Other than that, you just get to see my pretty face :P

Mon Oct 23 15:58:12 2006 |permalink |comments(56)  
This cold is going to ruin my life, I wish it would stop

Well I've been sick for a few days now. I just failed a Calculus Test. Now I'm at work, feeling sick as ever. I wonder if I can get points back on that test as a compensation for my illness. Any thoughts?

Fri Oct 20 20:38:42 2006 |permalink |comments(104)  

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